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Human Trafficking in Texas

Monday, October 19, noon
University North Multi-Purpose Room (114)
University of Houston Victoria, 3007 N. Ben Wilson

Sandra Spencer Dr. Sandra Spencer, Director of Women & Gender Studies at the University of North Texas, speaks on Human Trafficking in Texas.

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Who are we?

Crossroads Progressive Women is now Crossroads Progressive VOICES.

We are citizens from the Texas Crossroads (Victoria County, Goliad County, Lavaca County, and surrounding areas) who meet to discuss and act on issues affecting our communities.

We engage social issues, political issues, environmental issues, and issues that affect our families and neighbors.

We come at these issues from a variety of perspectives. We are working women and retirees, married and single, mothers and grandmothers, and daughters all. We care about trends in education, health care, women's rights, environmental policy, poverty, crime, and good governance in our community.

What do we do?

We research. We meet. We learn. We discuss. We enjoy refreshments, and enjoy being together. When we are impassioned, we form a plan for action.

Some examples of past projects:

  • hearing from female representatives and candidates in Texas
  • learning about trends in health care, particularly care for women
  • researching and informing others about the sex education policies and programs in area schools
  • learning about plans for uranium mining in Goliad county and potential environmental impacts
  • organizing forums for political candidates to debate
  • welcoming speakers on Hispanic voting trends
  • taking the "Blue Sky Pledge" and learning about air quality in the Crossroads area
  • organizing voter registration campaigns
  • organizing trips to Austin to see speakers or attend workshops
  • mentoring teenage girls

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